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Aakash suri is an award-winning designer from New Delhi, India currently working with a wealth management platform, Syfe

He is hired to connect the dots between User Experience, Business Goals and Brand Strategy. He’s had the privilege of working with brands like Royal Enfield, The Creative Indians (now airs on Netflix), Boston Consulting Group, WWF, Ed-tech & SAAS startups.

An advocate for Holistic Design with a decent risk appetite he loves to create engaging digital experiences.

When he is not creating professionally he loves to speak and conduct sessions on meditation and mindfulness.

Working as a product design lead at syfe, I have helped increase signs ups, managed Design system and mentored junior product designers. also helped expand the product to different geographies.
Tags: Product Design & User Experience
Role: Product Design Lead
Visit: website
Syfe is a wealth management platform based out of Singapore. My initial days were focused on creating a a robust design library and revamping the website. we used AHP and other research methods to arrive a visual language which helped us increase our sign ups. Continuing as a product design lead I took over Syfe trade, one of the verticals of syfe. Since then we have been experimenting and expanding the product into different geographies and focused on using research and data to drive design decisions.
Designing the B2B product B2C way. Seekify enables enterprises to boost agent's productivity by automating their learning and tasks to deliver an exceptional customer experience through their AI-driven engine for email, chat, messaging and voice.
Tags: Dashboard Design & Branding
Role: UX Designer
Enterprises need to reinvent themselves and their relationship with their employees as well as the customers. At Seekify we designed a three-layered integrated dashboard to monitor feedback and performance, help agents learn in the flow, automate their tasks so they could focus more on high-risk tickets. Managers and CXO's could also set goals and monitor performance at category, team and employee level. AI technology could anticipate the needs of the customer before they realize it and provide a solution to increase customer engagement by many folds making our customers the heroes in action.
Designing an immersive story telling digital experience for people who want to learn python by using animation videos and gamified journeys.
Tags: Web & Mobile App
Role: UI/UX Designer
Visit: tekie.in
The old education system has failed us. It was time to introduce education via entertainment. We took the visionary approach and introduced sitcom to teach coding to students using animated episodes revolving around a central character. We gave the character a back story, a mission and added supporting characters to make it feel movie-like. Students would watch, learn and solve quizzes, Q/A and live code action while enjoying an enthraling storyline all within their mobile and web app.
THE CREATIVE INDIANS (airs on netflix)
Celebrating Indian Creativity. Designing user experience and brand for a TV show showcasing the notable creative geniuses of the Indian creative industry.
Tags: Branding
Role: Project Designer
From chefs to Graphic Novelists, we travelled pan-India to interview the most notable imaginative minds of the Indian creative industry. We dived deep into their artistic journey by understanding their process, their passion and motivation. We shot the likes of Anushka Shankar, Prabhu Deva, AR Rehman etc.
Messages from God
Wisdom at your fingertips. A community-led gamified experience to receive daily motivational messages.
Tags: Mobile application
Role: UI/UX Designer
Truth is one. The way to reach it are many. Daily motivational wisdom messages play a huge role in inspiring people in their day to day life. We designed a gamified community-led experience where users can earn points, watch daily messages and unlock their favourites characters and their respective messages. The same experience is being replicated into an AR app for iOS and Android.
Personal projects maketh a great designer.
Some of my personal projects and snippets from other commercial projects.